International Trade and Finance – Topics for Seminars and Advisory Services

Trade finance:

International payment methods from practical point of view:

• Payments in advance
• Documentary and Clean Collections
• Documentary Credits
• Open account trading

ICC Rules for Financing Foreign Trade

• ICC Rules for Demand Guarantees – URDG 758
• ICC Rules for Collections – URC 522
• ICC Rules for Standby Letters of Credit – UCP 600 and ISP98
• ICC Rules and Practices for Documentary Credits – UCP 600, ISBP 745
• ICC Rules for Bank to Bank Reimbursements – URR 725
• ICC – IFA Rules for Forfaiting – URF 800
• ICC Rules on BPO (Bank Payment Obligation) – URBPO 750

Documentary Credits:

• Documentary Credits, obligations, workflow, examination of documents, issues
• UCP 600 and ISBP 745
• Most significant ICC Banking Commission Opinions – interpretation
• Current issues in Documentary Credit world
• ISBP 745 – ICC Banking Commission document on examination of documents under Documentary Credits
• Examination of documents under Documentary Credits – most problematic areas
• Documentary Credits and their use in financing foreign trade
• Documentary Credits in practice – how to achieve compliant presentations

Documentary Collections

• Documentary and Clean Collections, obligations, workflow, issues
• Bills of exchange in Collections
• Documentary Collections in practice

Bills of Exchange and their role in Financing Foreign Trade:

• Drafts and Promissory Notes
• B/E Conventions and laws
• Use of B/E in international finance (in documentary payments, etc.)

Export & Import Finance

• Pre-shipment finance based on L/Cs
• Post-shipment finance based on L/Cs: Negotiation, Discounting
• Import finance based on L/Cs

International Bank Guarantees

• Use of Independent Bank Undertakings in International Trade
• Key elements of Independent Bank Undertakings
• Parties to the Independent Bank Guarantee
• Bank Obligations in relation to Guarantees
• On Demand v. Conditional Guarantees
• Main types of Foreign Guarantees:
• Tender Guarantees
• Performance Guarantees
• Warranty, Retention Money Guarantees
• Financial Guarantees
• Shipping Guarantees
• Payment Guarantees
• Uniform Rules on Demand Guarantees – URDG 758
• Risk assessment
• International banking practices
• Problematic claims and insurance against unfair calling
• Expiry and cancellation

Specialised Letters of Credit

• Standby Letters of Credit:
• Use of Independent Standby in International Trade
• Standby according to UCP 600
• Standby according to ISP98
• Transferable and Back-to-Back Credits
• Red & Green Clause Credits
• Revolving & Reinstatement Credits

Trade finance related issues

• Release of goods connected with credits against indemnities issued or countersigned by banks
• Assignment of proceeds v. Transfer
• Risk assessment and types of collateral
• Compliance issues: AML, Sanctions, KYC, Proper Due Dilligence, risk based approach
• Prevention of trade finance fraud
• Forfaiting – ICC – IFA Uniform Rules for Forfaiting – URF 800
• Preparatory seminars for IFS-ICC Exams: CDCS, CSDG, CITF
• Receivable finance, Factoring services, Supply Chain Finance
• Proper workflows for trade finance services, development of internal manuals, procedures
• Sales of trade finance products – Focus on SME companies
• Digitalization of trade finance

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International Trade:

International Contracts

• Sale contract
• Commercial terms: Incoterms 2020
• Payment terms
• Law of contract, rules, experience

Incoterms 2020

• Incoterms 2020 in general
• Incoterms 2020 in detail
• Incoterms 2020 v. Incoterms 2010
• Insurance and Incoterms 2020
• Incoterms 2020 for an international banker
• Incoterms and Documentary Credits and other payment conditions

Commercial Risks in International Trade

• Character of Risks in International Trade
• Production risks, Sales risks
• Transport risks, Payment risk
• Procedural risks, Teritorial risks

Documents in International Trade:

• Transport documents
• Commercial documents
• Cargo insurance documents
• Forwarding agent´s documents

International Cargo Insurance

• Insurance documents – Cargo Insurance
• Insurance documents in Documentary Credits

Tailor made in-house seminars, workshops and consultancy services!
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